Hi, if I cought the topic, the request is to implement a feature to (optionally)
save any unsaved work (even it is in an unnamed tab using the suspend feature)
mainly without any asks for choosing the filename. Just open newtab, paste and
go. And the next time to find it in the same tab. No asking. The file name is
not important for this kind of usage. It could be a random temp file name, or it
could be some private "repository". I use my own TODO.txt for this job. But
never mind - this feature currently is already implemented, but just for a
systém suspend request, not for user-initiated close request. I think lots of
users are angry with tons of randomly named files, thats why it should be
implemented as an option, but understanding the need to have such feature no one
other implemented in app like this.

(PSPad 5.0.4 (385) x32, W10h/p x64 en/cs)

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