Dear FOSSians,

FOSS Nepal Community in association with The Document Foundation is 
organizing LibreOffice Localization competition until 15 Balkhash 2075 BS.

The aim of the program is to completely localize LibreOffice the best 
free/libre  DTP/Office Package, in Nepali language and make it accessible 
to all users in Nepal.

If you are interested you are invited to join.

How to join:

   - Competition takes place at  The Document Foundation Pootle Server  : 
   - Please create your account there after you click on sign In and then 
   clicking on Sign up .
   - Join the Localization Team Hangout group at :
   - Share your Pootle username .
   - You'll be then added to the team to be able to contribute.
   - If you need instructions you can join daily evening calls from 9 PM - 
   10 PM, or ask and get your queries answered in text chat.

We have many prizes and recognition to top contributors.

Sanjog Sigdel,

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