I have checked out the latest revision and now `clone -u` works as
intended, very nice.

Another thing I have noticed is that for me, the unversioned revert
does not work if one is not authorized to push to the remote repository.
I have done the following:

        $ fossil clone -u http://multiphasicapps.net/ squirreljme.fossil
        $ fossil unv edit download.mkd -R squirreljme.fossil

Modified the file to add some text (on purpose). However if I then try
to revert the changes:

        $ fossil unv revert -R \
        squirreljme.fossil http://multiphasicapps.net/

I get the following assertion error:

fossil: ./src/xfer.c:1893: client_sync: Assertion `uvStatus==2' failed.

Since I saw "Aborted" I assumed that "abort()" is being used, so I have
attached a full backtrace from fossil running in GDB.

This also happens on another system of mine in a similar case, however
using the command to revert from a repository I am authorized to push
to does not cause this assertion to occur.

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