On 9/19/2016 12:31 PM, Nickolas Lloyd wrote:
I signed and submitted a contributor agreement in May when I submitted a
patch for consideration.  Richard actually gave me checkin priveleges at
that point to push the change myself, but I didn't want to assume that
constituted permission for future changes as well ;-)

That is exactly what branches are for, as I think Joe said already. Check your improvements in on a branch, and if that doesn't get it any attention ask explicitly for review here on the list.

Grinding my pet axe, extending the test framework to cover your patch with test cases that fail without it and pass with it would be welcome. The test framework is written in Tcl, and lives next to the sources in test/*.test. I suspect there aren't any tests at all yet for Git import/export, so the first step is to write some...

FWIW for the past few weeks I've been using Fossil built with this
patch, plus a small script to sync a local Git repo with a remote Fossil
repo.  No problems so far.  Would be great to have this capability out
of the box.

That certainly helps with the confidence level.

You could also consider adding to the documentation, a good How To document on configuring both Git and Fossil to cooperate would be valuable.

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