Earlier today, I checked in a version of Fossil that has the ability  
to host multiple "themes" or "skins" for the web interface and that  
allows users (with Admin privilege) to switch between skins with a  
simple mouse click.

However, the current implementation contains only two built-in skins:   
The old default and a new "black" theme which is very similar to the  
default.  It would be good, I think to have 6 to 10 different themes  
that show a wide variety of possible looks.  Therefore, I am calling  
on the user community to submit themes for consideration.

To create a new theme or skin, edit the CSS, header, and footer to  
obtain the look you want.  Then run the following command:

     fossil configuration export skin outputfile.txt

And post the outputfile.txt here.  Thanks for contributing.

D. Richard Hipp

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