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> Hi,
> I had the problem that my fossil webpage session always expired quickly
> (i.e., i had to log in again after maybe an hour or so).
> Smart as I am, I changed the Login Expiration Time through the website
> "Admin - Access" to something bigger; i.e., I added two 0's so that it then
> was 876600

The expiration time is measured in hours.  8766 (the default) is one year.
So if your login is expiring after one hour, something else is going wrong.

The login is based on cookies.  If your browser drops the login cookie, then
you get logged out.  What browser did you say you were using?

> Here's my problem: Now I cannot log in at all :( If I try, the website
> doesn't complain (i.e., it doesn't say "wrong username or password") but it
> redirects me back to the login page immediately. Maybe i triggered some
> overflow in the expiration time or something, I don't know.
> Needless to say that I can't be 100% sure that my login problem has to do
> with the expiration time, but that was the only thing that I changed so I am
> quite positive.
> Therefore my questions:
> a) Can I somehow push my local repository to the server such that I
> overwrite (reset) the expiration time change? Is that stored somewhere that
> is synced/versioned?
> b) If not, is there a way that I can set the expiration time through the
> command line? fossil configuration and fossil settings don't seem to do
> that.
> c) If not, is there a way that I could set that manually through some other
> means? (A crafty sqllite query for example)

Using the SQLite command-line shell:

     sqlite3 repo.fossil "delete from config where name='cookie-expire'"

> d) In any case: is there a way how I could get my data back, at least?
> i.e., the tickets. (Probably I just clone my local repository or something?)

Using the new (exprimental) ssh:// access method, you can bypass web
authentication completely.

In a crunch, you can just copy the repository on the server onto your local
machine, then from your local check-out do:

    fossil sync file:///copy-of-server-repo.fossil

Thanks and sorry if that's a stupid question or something; but I didn't find
> any information that helped with my problem...
> Christoph
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