I've released a new version of Jurassic GUI.

NEW! Without copy & paste!
NEW! Merge! 

Despite the version number (0.2.1) I think this version marks an important 
step in the maturity of Jurassic.

There is still a lot to do, and here are my plans (not in chronological 

1) The timeline lacks the DAG. I think to add it sooner or later.

2) Show diffs when committing.

3) I'd like to handle the wiki from Jurassic. I don't want to replicate the 
wiki editor, just interface to it. I need to present a list of the wiki pages, 
offer option to edit/view/show history and tag them to a release. For example, 
when I create a new branch I want to put up a wiki page that explain what's 
going on with that branch. But of course, I need fossil commands (or http links 
to web server) to do it. Mr. Hipp, are you listening? ;)

4) I'd like to handle the issue tracker from Jurassic. Again, I want to 
interface with what's already there. This way we can have a bug tracker that 
not *looks like the bug tracker that would be in your Linksys Router's 
administration screen* ;) Furthermore, when you perform a commit, you can 
select the issues that are closed and these will be added to the commit 
comment/wiki page automatically. But again, I need fossil commands (or http 
links to web server) to do it.

5) I'd like to add a roadmap planner. You could create a future release of 
your project and assign issues to it. Then you can get the list of issues that 
remanis to be closed and a percentage of completion for that release. Assuming 
that I'm able to read/write to a wiki page, I can use it to store information 
about this.

6) Polish the iterface.

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