As far as I know - there is no way for someone to find out the names of the
fossil repositories being served by a server. Actually I am not sure how to
do this even if you have fossil installed... on my public server I have a
cgi script that return a list of fossil files in the directory being served,
which works OK - is there a better way?

What would be generally useful I think, is if fossil would serve wiki page /
site for the root of the server - at the moment a user just gets "Not
Found". This default fossil page would offer the option of navigation to the
various fossil sites being served.

On a LAN it is great to serve up all the repositories without the hassle of
setting up an Apache server and cgi's - it would be great if we could
announce which repositories were available using the built in fossil server.

Suggestion:  if Fossil made available (ie via a TH1 variable) the list of
local fossil repositories being served, then we could have a central
navigation page which would be updated when new repositories were installed
/ deleted. This would also enable fossil skins to offer navigation to other
fossil sites on the same server.
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