a bit late I'd like to thank jan nijtmans for recently improving the `timeline' command w.r.t. to `-n' behavior and introduction of `-W' (both of which fixes/changes were long overdue in my view, really...).

I see only the following very minor issues:

the newly introduced trailing comment line can confuse scripts processing the `timeline' output since it has variable content (either "=== line limit (20) reached ===" (if `n 20' is specified) or "=== entry limit (20) reached ===" (if `n` is not specified at all) or missing altogether if the full timeline is displayed). the `line' vs. `entry' difference presumably is unintentional (is it?) but I probably would either always display that line or actually remove it altogether. I would prefer the latter since the line anyway does not tell me anything I do not know in the first place: I am either using the default (and I should know from the help page that this is 20) or I just have specified -n explicitely and don't need that reminder.

`fossil help timeline' is a bit to terse regarding `-W', specifically it should be mentioned that `-W 0' puts the ci comment on a single line (no width limit).

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