I find myself wanting to maintain multiple fossils per project since some
parts need to decoupled from the source. This is a pain since now I have to
remember to sync multiple fossils, deal with N times the maintenance (e.g.
add users to three fossils) and wiki pages and tickets are not shared.

I find that documentation, configuration and tests work better for me when
not coupled directly to the source timeline (i). I can achieve this by
branching from the first node and then maintaining the purpose branches but
this leaves open the risk of accidentally merging these branches that
should never merge to trunk, an irreversible action.

I've accidentally created independent timelines in fossil before when
importing from monotone so I know it can be done (or used to be possible).
Is there a way to do this either with the official fossil binary or with a
little sql hackery? What things are likely to break if I go down this path?

In my dream version of fossil it would be possible to have top-level
directories associated with different timelines and then be able to
configure  a contour. E.g.

src - branch-v1.55
docs - tip
tests - tip

For now I'd just be very happy if I could create the docs and tests as
branches with no ancestor in common with src. I will then open each in a
separate sub dir something like this:

cd src;fossil open ~/fossils/project.fossil;fossil co trunk
cd ../docs;fossil open ~/fossils/project.fossil;fossil co docs
cd ../tests;fossil open ~/fossils/project.fossil;fossil co tests


(i) The reason for separate timelines for documentation, tests and
configuration is that in each one of these cases I sometimes need to work
with different combinations or contours. The most common example is running
the latest tests against older versions. The scenario goes like this; a bug
is found and the tests are updated and then go back to fix an officially
released version but since the tests are tightly coupled with the source it
requires removing directories and symlinking to a different checkout which
is error prone and ugly.
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