On 25 July 2014 17:57, Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org> wrote:
> The seventh anniversary of the first self-commit of Fossil source code was
> this past Monday.  Time flies.
> The logical predecessor of Fossil was CVSTrac (http://www.cvstrac.org/)
> which was a wiki and trouble-ticket system built atop CVS.
> ...

Also thx to the developers and community for great ideas, support and
generally nice ML-atmosphere.

FWIW, just dug up some old mails and timelines of my own stuff.

First mention of 'fossil' here was in a mail to a friend who was
working together with me on a project; we were both looking for a
replacement for CVS + CVSTrac, which was also really, really nice (one
CVSTrac thing which I still miss in some more fancypants
issue-trackers is the concept of ticket-groups).

That mail was from 2011-04-02. My first post on this list was from
2011-05-01, and at 2011-07-03 I had moved my humble set of projects
from CVS to Fossil; haven't touched CVS since, except to pull in
software that happens to be in a CVS repo.

(Apart from Fossil and CVS, I used RCS by choice, SourceGear Vault,
PVCS Version Manager, M$ TFS (iirc) and Git because of employer's
infrastructure, and Bazaar "because I needed that source".)

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