On 8/19/2014 11:33, Stephan Beal wrote:

A colleague of mine recently reported out-of-the-box success in
encrypting his root partition

Ubuntu's done this in its stock installer since 12.10.

One of the things I trimmed from that already long post is the observation that booting through BIOS + GRUB + LUKS on a traditional laptop takes about 20 seconds, by which point you've already got a Chrome window open on a Chromebook.

20 seconds after that, the Linux laptop gets through the systemd scripts to a GUI login prompt.

And 20 seconds after *that*, the system has finally stopped swapping enough that the first Iceweasel window can pop up.

If you decide that Chromebooks are not for you, my previous Linux netbook ran Crunchbang Linux, a Debian 7 derivative specifically optimized for low-resource machines. Install Chrome on it, and you've got something kind of like a Chromebook, if you squint.


It starts up a *lot* faster than Ubuntu. Still slower than a Chromebook, though.
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