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Would there be any interest in adding symlink support to Windows (where
available [Vista & later], leaving the text file approach where it is not)?

While Windows Vista+ technically can make symlinks on NTFS, it has restrictions that make it unworkable for Fossil:

1. If you aren't running as a member of the Administrators group, you cannot create symlinks, at all, ever.

2. If you *are* running as an Administrator user, you can't create symlinks from a process that isn't "Run as Administrator". (The exception is when logged into the actual Administrator account on a Server version of Windows, where all command shells are elevated.)

3. If your program is running as a Windows service (which Fossil can't do yet, but may one day be able to) it can't call this function at all, regardless of permission. Only programs running under the interactive desktop can create symlinks.

Reference: http://goo.gl/ZXouH0

If you want symlinks on Windows, use Cygwin. It emulates symlinks in a way that works on all versions of Windows that will run Cygwin, in a POSIXy way.

Cygwin actually has two symlink emulation mechanisms, one with better POSIX semantics but which only works among Cygwin programs, and another that emulates symlinks in terms of Windows LNK files, which works with all Windows programs:


And yes, Fossil is in the Cygwin package repository.
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