I've got a link like this from one of my wiki pages:

    <a href="/repo/doc/trunk/path/to/file.md">File</a>

When the last checkin was on the trunk, this works. When I check something into one of the branches, though, I get "No such document" errors when clicking such links until I check something into the trunk again.

The branch file tree layout is different from the trunk layout, so /path/to/file.md truly does not exist in the branch, but why does that matter? I've specified "/trunk" in the URL. Doesn't that mean I want it to show the trunk version of /path/to/file.md, unconditionally? It's like it thinks I've asked for "tip" instead of "trunk".

This is with a fairly recent version of Fossil, [b7bebbe44f]. (About 2 weeks ago.)
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