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On 8/30/2014 2:40 PM, Andy Goth wrote:
> Now I have been given a few older versions.  What's the best way to
> go about putting them into the repository?
> I know I can check them in with --allow-older and the
> --date-override options, though this will produce a very funky
> timeline display.  Is there a better way?

I cloned my repository and did the above as a test just to see how bad
it comes out.  Well, it's pretty bad.  Not only is the timeline bizarre,
the default diffs are unhelpful too.  Diffs are typically against the
predecessor version, but in this situation, Fossil's concept of
"predecessor" doesn't match the naïve user expectation.  Surprise
notwithstanding, this is correct behavior in face of the time paradox.

I think my best course of action is to not try to put the old code into
the repository unless I am given a more complete archive of historical
versions, at which time it might be worthwhile to rebuild the repository
with everything put in the right sequence.  Of course this blows away
all the artifact IDs, but that would be acceptable at this stage.

Let's say I do this, using the oldest known version as the initial
commit, and everything seems good for a while.  But then someone finds
an in-between version thought to have been lost.  I would update to its
predecessor version then check it in with the date override, either
allowing the fork or putting it on an branch.  The timeline would look
mostly good, but only because the predecessor version already existed.
Diffs surrounding the newfound would have to be done with explicitly
selected from and to versions, but that's a small price to pay for not
having to rebuild the repository and trash the artifact IDs.

Then a version older than the previously oldest known version is found.
Now we're in trouble again.

Maybe I could have prevented that last problem by making the initial
empty check-in be dated before the project was known to have started, so
there would never be anything older than it.


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