Hello all,

I'm using fossil 1.30 [45a366a0a0] on Windows. I have the following problem:

I have under version control a directory "A" which was later renamed to "a". It contains the files "w", "x", "y" and "z". Although fossil should not be case sensitive on Windows (i.e., the respective setting is set to FALSE and was also never changed in the past), it for some reasons knows both the old and the new name of the directory. So while there's actually only one folder with four files in it, looking at the »Files« view in the fossil UI I see both "A" with files "w" and "x", and "a" with "y" and "z" (I assume files "w" and "x" were added prior to the renaming, and "y" and "z" later). Additionally, looking at the »files« (or »folders«) link of a specific check-in, I have a wild mix of entries "A\w", "a\y", "A\x" and "a\z" - in reality there are even more alternating entries of the same directory again and again… This looks confusing and doesn't seem right to me.

Any idea how to solve that and sync fossils understanding of the directory with the actual file system situation? I tried a "fossil move A a" or "fossil move A\w a\w", but that just gave me a "cannot rename … to … since another file named … is currently under management" error message. I'd like to cleanup the mess I somehow created ;) Thanks for any hint!
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