Hi, I ran into this problem today, and I wasn't sure whether it was
better to make a ticket anonymously on fossil-scm.org or make a report
here.  Please let me know if I made the wrong choice!

I have noticed some ... unexpected results regarding relative paths
before in fossil.  An example is "fossil diff ." which does not list
diffs of changed files in the current directory.  This is unexpected
to me because "fossil status ." lists the status of files from the
current directory.  Anyway, this problem may be in a similar vein.  Or
it may be because I am misunderstanding --hard.

Here is a script to reproduce it:

rm -rf tmp/fossil/move
mkdir -p tmp/fossil/move
cd tmp/fossil/move
fossil init repo.fossil
mkdir repo
cd repo
fossil open ../repo.fossil
echo 'a' > a
echo 'b' > b
echo 'c' > c
echo 'd' > d
fossil add a b c d
fossil commit -m 'add files'
mkdir dir
cd dir
echo '>>> Error #1: Moving existing files to curdir'
fossil mv --hard ../a ../b .
echo '>>> Error #2: Moving non-existent files to curdir'
fossil mv --hard ne1 ne2 .

And the results:

New_Version: 72f5fd33179a9f6736e507b504d46dd59fcca1a7
>>> Error #1: Moving existing files to curdir
RENAME a dir/a
RENAME b dir/b
cannot open "/home/taylor/tmp/fossil/move/repo/dir/a" for reading
>>> Error #2: Moving non-existent files to curdir
SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: fmove
fossil: no such table: fmove
SELECT x, y FROM fmove ORDER BY x;

This is fossil version 1.33 [9c65b5432e] 2015-05-23 11:11:31 UTC

Let me know if I can help with any more info or testing.  Thanks!

Taylor C. Venable
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