Il 14/09/2016 21:12, Richard Hipp ha scritto:
> Anywhere you can put a SHA1 hash prefix for a version name, you can
> also supply a branch name (which will resolve to the most recent
> check-in on that branch) or a tag (which will resolved to whatever
> check-in is tagged with that tag) or "tip" to mean the lastest
> check-in.  There are other options too, like "trunk:2005-01-17" which
> means the last checkin on the branch "trunk" before 2005-01-17.
> Whether or not this works for a specific webpage depends on whether or
> not that webpage lest you specify a version number.  Which webpage did
> you have in mind?

By example here I see the source code of cairo/

I know there exists this link,

but I want to directly link to the artifact view like with the link
above only that I specify the check-in

and file name instead of artifact id.... is this possible?


Aldo Nicolas Bruno

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