(Thu, 13 Oct 00:19) Osamu Aoki:
> I have no idea for "error: Multiple updates for ref ..." but at least
> git repo is usable one after executing "git checkout trunk".

to reproduce that error:
/home/juef/fossil/test: f co trunk
/home/juef/fossil/test: date >> z && f ci -m t1 --tag one --tag two
/home/juef/fossil/test: date >> z && f ci -m b1 --tag one --tag two --branch br
/home/juef/fossil/test: f2g test
Unpacking objects: 100% (7/7), done.
error: multiple updates for ref 'refs/tags/one' not allowed.

I am not a native English speaker,
so feel free to correct any spelling or grammatical errors!

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