Security issue ?Ah yes, security is not the first target for Fossil.
I was told by a security computer specialist that we should NEVER use xinetd, 
xinitd or something related...Of course, for the Fossil team, people I do know 
are not good enough ...

:-D (One day I was wondering if downloading Fossil is safe... I've got my 
response now. This is why I laugh out loud)
The only good news is that someone dare to say there is an issue.You should 
thank him.
Pray that your system was/is not hacked ...

Best Regards


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 Objet : Re: [fossil-users] down?

FWIW, was also down (since it is on the same machine and
uses the same xinetd process to respond to requests, but nobody bother
to report that....

On 10/15/16, Richard Hipp <> wrote:
> On 10/15/16, Johan Kuuse <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I cannot acces
>> Anyway, responds, so it seems to be a problem
>> with the web server.
> xinitd, which manages inbound connections on port 80, had crashed.  I
> restarted it.  Things should be working again.  Thanks for the report.
> I had not noticed it before because I always use https instead of
> http.
> https on port 443 is managed by stunnel4.  It was still running.
> Apache manages port 8080 and it was still running.  Backup servers at
> and were both
> still running.
> --
> D. Richard Hipp

D. Richard Hipp
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