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So git fast-export only exports anointed tags - they usually have a comment.
Fossil tags don't have comments.

This is slightly problematic for a bridge. Because we add all tags to
the fast-export file they will overwrite tags at the other end. As such,
the git repos that sync to the git end of the bridge will get an error
that the tag they just synced already exists.
Then can do this `git pull --rebase --tags` and get a tag update record,
and see their comment dropped.

So I see three possible solutions:

1) add an option to (or to not) export tags. The git default is not to,
I'm tempted to make this the fossil default as well. See *.

2) maintain a file of tags so we only export tags generated at the
fossil side, and even then only once. See *.

3) adjust fossil to store a comment for the tag. Guidance on how to do
this is welcome :)

* Apparently git can sign tags with GPG. I've not tried it. This alters
the signature of the tag. I have no idea how fossil reacts here, but
will probably be OK as it can handle many tags whereas git just has the one.

I think that we need to implement 1 anyway.
Then it's just a matter of deciding between 2 and 3.
Comments welcome.

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