On 5/13/2017 5:50 AM, Richard Hipp wrote:
On 5/13/17, Olivier R. <m...@grammalecte.net> wrote:
To launch the server, I simply type:

    fossil open repo.fossil
    nohup fossil server &
Are you running the commands above as root?  If so, Fossil will
automatically put itself in a chroot jail on the directory containing
the repository and drop root privileges before doing anything else.
This is a security feature.

If you are going into a chroot jail, probably /dev/null and
/dev/urandom are no longer in that chroot jail.  You can fix that by

    mkdir dev
    mknod dev/null c 1 3
    mknod dev/urandom c 1 9

You will also probably want to put the local timezone file inside the jail, so that the server can display the timeline in server local time instead of UTC if you choose. Without that, the option "Use UTC" in /setup_timeline will have no effect. That puzzled me for a while when I first stood up a fossil on Ubuntu because there are no error messages anywhere when there is no timezone. Processes just see local time and UTC time as equivalent, silently.

In that installation I'm using inetd to do the listening on a port other than 80 and launching fossil as needed. But it is launched as root, so it lands in a chroot jail. The jail is rooted at the folder containing the .fossil file (or folder of .fossil files) being served, so along with *.fossil I have dev/urandom, dev/null, and etc/localtime (which is a copy and not a symbolic link because the chroot jail won't allow the link to be followed).


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