Dear all,

In the latest version, Fossil uses a SHA3 hash by default. When I'm
trying to sync from Git to Fossil, it refuses because of the SHA3 in the
marks file.


$ git fast-export --all --import-marks=../somerepo.git-marks
--export-marks=../somerepo.git-marks | fossil import --import-marks
../somerepo.fossil-marks --export-marks ../somerepo.fossil-marks --git

After some commits in the git repo:

$ git fast-export --all --import-marks=../somerepo.git-marks
--export-marks=../somerepo.git-marks | ~/dev/fossil/fossil import
--import-marks ../somerepo.fossil-marks --export-marks
../somerepo.fossil-marks --git --incremental ../somerepo.fossil
Invalid SHA-1 in marks file:
error importing marks from file: ../somerepo.fossil-marks
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