> Reparenting is for doing one-time major surgery operations on a Fossil
> repo, not for everyday use.

Thank you very much for your comments, and for your suggestions about
dealing with unwanted check-ins.

I take great care to keep my Fossil repositories intact, and no such
thing as a "reparent" tag will ever make it there. I have multiple
levels of backups, and new commits often go to some temporary
repository, with a scripting solution (basically `fossil zip' from old
/ unzip / check-in on new) to import ranges of check-ins from the
temporary to the permanent repository (so that all later amendments
are already there right from the beginning).

With these short-lived temporary repositories, I sometimes try new
things about Fossil, and I found it would be okay to report that I
have a case of the rescue "one-time major surgery operation" behaving
somewhat unexpected. But I agree it's not "everyday use".

After a few more tests, I still haven't been able to find a simple
reproducible test case. But following is a modification to my previous
(Windows batch) script that produces disjoint timeline rails in the
web view, by means of branch hiding. Though, not sure if it is related
to my original problem.

fossil init test.fossil
fossil open test.fossil
echo m1.1>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil add sample.txt
fossil ci -m m1.1 --tag m1.1 --branch br1 --no-warnings
fossil amend m1.1 -m m1.1-edited
echo m1.2>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m m1.2 --tag m1.2 --no-warnings
fossil amend m1.2 -m m1.2-edited
echo m1.3>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m m1.3 --tag m1.3 --no-warnings
fossil amend m1.3 -m m1.3-edited
echo m1.4>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m m1.4 --tag m1.4 --no-warnings
fossil amend m1.4 -m m1.4-edited
echo m1.5>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m m1.5 --tag m1.5 --no-warnings
fossil amend m1.5 -m m1.5-edited
fossil co m1.1
echo m2.1>>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m m2.1 --tag m2.1 --branch br2 --no-warnings
fossil amend m2.1 -m m2.1-edited
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil merge br1 --integrate
fossil ci -m m2.2 --tag m2.2 --no-warnings
fossil amend m2.2 -m m2.2-edited
echo m2.3>>sample.txt
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil ci -m 2.3 --tag m2.3 --no-warnings
fossil amend m2.3 -m m2.3-edited
rem fossil reparent m1.5 m1.3
@echo *************************************** & pause
fossil merge m1.4
fossil ci -m m2.4 --tag m2.4 --no-warnings --allow-conflict
fossil amend m2.4 -m m2.4-edited
fossil tag add --raw --propagate hidden m1.2

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