Hi there,
A while ago, I wrote about the possibility of providing an accessible 
alternative to an ASCII-art CAPTCHA system due to the fact that visually 
impaired users can only read these, through screen reading technology, as a 
series of dashes, dots and bars. Although the CAPTCHA system is no longer 
needed for the most part, anonymous logins still require the use of one of 
these CAPTCHAs.
An accessible CAPTCHA could be providing an alternative to the visual CAPTCHA 
(such as audio), using scrolling plaintext, or requiring the answering of a 
question (either calculating a formula, trivia etc). Though I appreciate that 
implementing some of those options may be hard (certainly hard for me who has 
limited mainstream programming/software engineering knowledge), I would hope 
that at least the question option would be easier to implement while also 
maintaining a reasonable size.
I didn’t quite get the final upshot of that suggestion. Are there plans to 
implement this?

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