Hi there,
Asking a lot of questions lately. Sorry about this.
Not exactly sure how Git stores its data, but I know both local Git itself 
likes you to add a name to its configuration, and also remote services such as 
GitHub and GitLab also require an account to edit repositories. Are any of 
these account details inside the repository? I was merely thinking of Fossil 
retrieving these rather than email addresses when importing, as email addresses 
displayed in full on timelines, especially if the Fossil repository is to be 
made publicly accessible, is cause for, at the very least spam, if not privacy 
Again I’m sure this has probably been thought of, perhaps even discussed, but 
i’m a very “what if”/“just in case”, not to mention nervous sort of person - I 
know sometimes that doesn’t always go down too well...
Also, while we’re on the subject of Fossil/Git sync, I think the documentation 
on bidirectional sync needs more clarification, namely what the different 
import/export commands mean in the circumstances (for instance –export-marks 
which seems to be used both during an import and export, seems rather 
confusing), and a similar example on importing a Git repository into Fossil.
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