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> > 
> > If you do: "fossil set allow-symlink 1" on the opened checkout, it
> > should works and add only the symlink.
> I set "allow-symlink" through the UI, so it was 1 when I added the files. 
> For me the logic is simple, but fossil (obviously) use something more complex:
>     if allow_symlink == 1 then
>       never follow symlinks, process them as usual files
>     else
>       always follow symlinks, process the file they point to. 

I agree that "allow" here can be interpreted in different way. But it
really means: 

if allow-symlink == 1
        allow symlink to be *stored* as symlink in the repository.
        (will re-create symlink on an new checkout)
        knows nothings about symlink, just use what the symlink point to.
        (will have no symlink on a new checkout, just the file the
        symlink was originally pointing to)

Normally, for a regular program, a symlink is not made to be dealt with.
If the program does nothing special, it just think the file or directory
it point to is right there. That's what fossil does when allow_symlink
is off.



Martin G.
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