On 13/02/2018 00:33, Richard Hipp wrote:
On 2/12/18, Gilles <codecompl...@free.fr> wrote:
Fuel* doesn't support diffing two revisions of a file in the repository:


Since it hasn't been updated since 2015… is there another Windows GUI
application that supports this?
Well, you could run "fossil ui", then surf to the page that shows a
complete history of the file in question, with its timeline, then
click on the timeline graph node for the first version (so that it
gets a red dot in the center) then click on the timeline graph node
for the second version.

That's what I always do, anyhow.
Thanks for the tip.


The timeline I see shows no red dot for a given file after opening a DOS box, running "fossil ui", and navigating down the Files menu… but anyhow, this still means having to dump Fuel and move into an entirely different universe.

So at this point, there is simply no Windows GUI that supports diffing two revisions of a file that's been checked in? IOW, if I'd like to diff two versions of a file with Fuel, I should do this while it's still checked out ?
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