Thanks for the infos on how to diff two revisions through the web UI.

Ron W <> > In the Fossil "web UI", from the timeline, select a commit. Scroll down to the file of interest and click on it to show that file's history. In the "revision graph" (on the left), click the version you want to compare from (the node will turn red), then the version you want to compare to. This will display (in the web browser), a differ of the 2 versions.

To use WinMerge, you need to configure Fossil to use that as the external diff (or gdiff) tool. then from the command line:
       fossil diff --from VERSION --to VERSION

This will launch WinMerge (with temporary copies) to display the differences between the 2 versions. However, Fossil will ignore any changes you make in WinMerge.

1. Could you explain how to configure Fossil to use WinMerge to diff two revisions?

2. Once I find some code, without leaving WinMerge, is there a simple way to check out the file and paste it to the live file in the workspace?

3. Is there a way to grep the whole repo for a given piece of code?

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