(Mon, 26 Feb 17:57) Richard Hipp:
> On 2/26/18, Thomas Levine <_...@thomaslevine.com> wrote:
> > In the case of the fossil web server setup, for example, I envision
> > an almost patronizing tutorial on alternative web server configuration
> > options, the concept of proxy servers, installation of packages in
> > various operating systems or web hosts, and how to debug web server
> > configurations.
> A theoretical discussion with lots of "concept" talk would be great to
> have too.  But I I think a more pressing need is just a series of
> step-by-step guides.  In all cases assume a $5/month Linode or
> DigitalOcean Droplet or 3-euro/month scaleway.com ARM machine.  But
> then have separate documents for various configurations:
>    *  Apache via CGI
>    *  Apache via SCGI
>    *  Nginx
>    *  Lighttpd
>    *  Stunnel4 direct to fossil
>    *  Stunnel4 to althttpd then fossil via CGI
>    *  Xinetd direct to fossil
>    *  Xinetd to althttpd then fossil via CGI
>    *  Fossil running standalone (the "fossil server" command)
> Each of the above should explain how to set up a single repository
> *and* how to set up multiple repositories operating off of the same
> domain.
> Maybe also a separate document on how to lease a
> linode/droplet/scaleway server and obtain your domain name.
> The format can be a checklist with intermixed text commentary.

I don't have step-by-step tutorials,
but I have a bunch of scripts which basically fully setup VPS
(only need to update accordingly domain names, usernames, IPs,
SSH public keys if someone will use it).

Somewhat light version of Ansible, I think..

It is Nginx + letsencrypt on Alpine Linux and hosted on Aruba Cloud (1€/month).



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