(Sat, 07 Apr 18:54) Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas:
> I will try an organic approach to this problem. First starting with some
> external functionality in the similar vein of how syntax highlighting is
> done using JS  [1], then trying some bindings between JS and installed
> and then I will try to enable something like Asciidoctor.js to put it in
> the rendering hook, to see if, in the same way that files ended with
> particular extensions can be rendered with color, I can render files
> ended in 'adoc' or 'ad' using Asciidoctor.js. After that I would try
> some approach that enables something similar using Lunamark[2].

you could also try [Fengari](https://fengari.io/) which is
the Lua VM written in JavaScript

..or [Starlight](http://starlight.paulcuth.me.uk/)
..or [Moonshine](http://moonshinejs.org/)
..or [lua.js](https://github.com/mherkender/lua.js/)
..or [lua.vm.js](http://daurnimator.github.io/lua.vm.js/lua.vm.js.html)
..or [LuaJS](https://github.com/Doridian/LuaJS)
..or [ljs](https://github.com/humbletim/ljs)

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