D. Richard Hipp:

> The ETag values already reset based on changes to the display
> cookie. I suppose they could change again based on the login
> cookie. The question is, would this solve Florent's problem?

Yes, adding "user.cexpire" to the ETag ingredients [0] would solve part of
the problem: /uv pages (and hence the navigation menu entries) are not
expired after a new user is logged-in.

[0] http://fossil-scm.org/index.html/artifact?&name=9ef915be04&ln=24-28

The other part is that whenever the client has included an ETag header with
the request, the Last-Modified header should no longer be evaluated, but an
ETag mismatch should already result in a cache miss, without giving the
Last-Modified pathway a chance to "validate" a page previously classified
as expired by the ETag handler.

To test this, you can view the (unversioned) Download page on the Fossil
website, then click login and logout from there, and check if you can
always see the correct (i.e. the current, or no) username near the
login/logout link, and the Admin menu entry (if enabled by the skin), or if
you need to press Ctrl+F5.


> Would a vary-on-cookie solve this already?

Aha, thanks for the input, today's bedtime reading ... I live almost in the
UTC time zone, handy when using Fossil :)

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