Here are some forum solutions that have been around a long time and a lot of 
people using them.  both work with sqlite: <> <>

more info about many more here: 

> On Jun 13, 2018, at 12:55 PM, Steve Schow <> wrote:
> As a certified forum junkie…I’ll add my two cents…
> While it would be cool to have a forum type of capability built into fossil, 
> I do think that would end up being a very deep rabbit hole and one of the 
> things i love about fossil is the simplicity of it.  There are other deep 
> solutions such as redmine and others which provide deep collaboration 
> capabilities…which is where that kind of feature would lead to.  Otherwise, 
> in my mind, there is not much purpose of building it into fossil itself.  
> Collaboration such as what we see on GitHub, etc..would be cool, don’t get me 
> wrong, but in my opinion would greatly add to complexity in fossil.  I would 
> be using one of those solutions already if I wanted a big complicated 
> collaborative platform like that.
> In terms of writing your own mail list software, I don’t know if that makes 
> that much sense either.  You might as well just move us to yahoo groups or 
> google groups or something like that and be done with it.  email is 
> fundamentally insecure and prone to spamming there is not much way around 
> that.
> In terms of converting this list to a forum, an idea I whole heartedly 
> support, there are numerous open source solutions out there for rolling out 
> your own forum, but yes, it does mean having a machine decked out usually 
> with MySQL, but not always…and possibly apache, but not always.  There are a 
> few solutions that are commonly in use and basically use the same kind of 
> markdown and most people are pretty comfortable with BBCode, for example, by 
> now.  There are a few others.  There are some other new frameworks still in 
> early stages, that are more elaborate, but in my mind its mostly eye candy, 
> with LIKE buttons and stuff like that which is kind of overkill as a 
> replacement for mailman.  One of the old standby’s that are in use all over 
> the internet are probably the way to go here.
> Some advantages of a web based forum are that old threads can live for years 
> and be revisited at any time by anyone, very easily, with searching, etc..  
> Moderation and membership can be controlled perhaps more easily. 
>> On Jun 13, 2018, at 9:18 AM, Richard Hipp <> wrote:
>> On 6/13/18, Warren Young <> wrote:
>>> If you do this atop Fossil, then you end up inches away from being able to
>>> provide an oft-wanted feature: email notifications on checkins, wiki article
>>> changes, and other Fossil events.
>> Indeed, there are many advantages to just tacking a forum capability
>> onto Fossil.  But there are also disadvantages.  The biggest problem I
>> see is that one does not necessarily want the standard Fossil page
>> header and footer to appear on the forum pages.  People looking for
>> help with an SQLite question do not need to see "Timeline", "Files",
>> "Branches", "Tags", and "Tickets" menu items across the top of the
>> page.  (ex:
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