(Sat, 23 Jun 13:12) Richard Hipp:
> Rough developers notes are available at
> https://www.fossil-scm.org/fossil/doc/trunk/www/emaildesign.md for
> anybody who wants to experiment with or contribute to this
> work-in-progress.

quick typos:

Index: src/email.c
--- src/email.c
+++ src/email.c
@@ -855,11 +855,11 @@
 ** WEBPAGE: subscribe
 ** Allow users to subscribe to email notifications.
 ** This page is usually run by users who are not logged in.
-** A logged-in user can add email notificates on the /alerts page.
+** A logged-in user can add email notifications on the /alerts page.
 ** Access to this page by a logged in user (other than an
 ** administrator) results in a redirect to the /alerts page.
 ** Administrators can visit this page in order to sign up other
 ** users.

Index: www/emaildesign.md
--- www/emaildesign.md
+++ www/emaildesign.md
@@ -6,11 +6,11 @@
 understanding of how Fossil handles email notification, to help
 with doing custom configurations, or to help contribute features.
 This document assumes expert-level systems knowledge.  A separate
 tutorial for setting up email notification by non-experts will be
-generated once the email notification systems stablizes.
+generated once the email notification systems stabilizes.
 Email notification is under active development as of this writing
 (2018-06-23).  Check back frequently for updates.
 Data Design
@@ -76,11 +76,11 @@
       email messages to the Postfix mail transfer agent.  There is
       an example TCL script in the
       [tools/email-monitor.tcl](/file/tools/email-monitor.tcl) file
       of the source tree that shows how to do this.
-  3.  <b>"dir"</b> $rarr; Write outgoing email messages as individual
+  3.  <b>"dir"</b> &rarr; Write outgoing email messages as individual
       files in a designated directory.  This might be useful for
       testing and debugging.
 Internally, there is a fourth email sending method named "stdout"
 which simply writes the text of the email message on standard output.

and thank you!

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