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The UPDATE syntax error should be fixed now.  Please try it again.

yes, it works now. thank you. NB: I received the notification email
regarding the fix prior to actually confirming the subscription again --
so my confirmation went through despite the SQL error? or is this
indication of some flaw in the subscription logic?

You had already been verify by the fact of visiting the page itself.
That was a separate UPDATE (with the correct syntax!) that was
performed in a different transaction.

Thanks for pointing this out, though.  I did have to think about it
for a few seconds.

thanks for this explanation...

regarding the format/wording of the notification, it currently reads:

This is an automated email sent by the Fossil repository at https://fossil-scm.org/fossil to report changes.

== 2018-06-24 10:07:29 Check-In ==
Fix an SQL syntax error. (user: drh tags: trunk)

Subscription info: https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/alerts/*****

personally, I would prefer to simply omit the first line or to put it at the bottom of the footer, since I would recognize the nature of the mail without this explanation, so it's essentially explaining the obvious and a minor distraction from the actual content of the mail (and the repos identity can also be taken from the `subscription info' link).

additionally, mabye shorten the footer separation line to exactly two `--', treating the footer as the sender's "affiliation/identity" (which usually leads to a less prominent display by the email client).

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