today I convinced a colleague to give fossil a try. so we set up a project (two checkouts/clones, one central server/repo), using a planned journal article (to be written in latex) as the test case.

now, while I never have used 'unversioned files' so far, he immediately wanted to try this option for the jpeg-figures to be included (and probably modified 100 times before the paper is completed).

good: he managed to get them into his repo and to sync it to the server.
good: I managed to sync the unversioned files into my repo.


the files do not materialize in my checkout after "sync -u". they are "just" present in my local repository. that probably is as it should be (just as with standard `sync'). but there seems to be no equivalent to `fossil up' for the unversioned files.

question: what is the canonical way to get them out of the repo? I see the export command but it probably is not the idea to issue 20 export commands (or to write a shell script for that)?

if I export the files manually now, what happens after the next push of unversioned files by my colleague? I guess, I can sync them (but am not really notified of changed content) but would have again to export them manually (and would have to know that this is required)?

maybe I am missing some stupid point here, but my expectation would have been that unversioned files mostly behave like tracked/versioned files in that there should be an update facility (say `fossil up -u' or something like that) of these files in my local checkout?

thank you,


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