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Thanks a lot for your efforts in that front. I'm planing into extending
Fossil with Lua using javascript, so the steps you describe here are
pretty useful (maybe they could be collected in some of your public
repositories that serve as a showcase of your Fossil customizations). It
will be my first attempt on that front and I need to finish some other
stuff before, but I will try do document it as well.

Not only did I do that, I went ahead and created 2 patches for

The first one enabled syntax highlighting in general however
syntax highlighting engines would have been broken when line numbering
came into play.

The second patch got syntax highlighting with line numbers working and
provided a way for the theme to handle when JS for line numbering and/or
highlighting is enabled/called.

See the other Syntax Highlighting related emails by me for more info.

For the JS source that enables line numbering see:
https://code.amlegion.org/hljs_line_numbers/ (Fossil repo with it)

For a showcase of it doing its job and doing it well since I've recently
got it up to par with the C source's selection code:

The home page gives some links to test selection with line numbering,
multi-selection, and scroll to top. As time permits I'll also create
(and link to from the home page) wiki documents describing the setup
of this for one's own Fossil Repo.

Feel free to help me improve the documentation as to doing this.

Lester L. Martin II
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