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> I have created a (surprisingly simple) patch to attach a separate
> login cookie database (shared among all repositories in the same
> directory), so that plain login and logout actions will no longer
> cause repository database writes. With admin and user logs turned off,
> and "PRAGMA optimize" removed, the repository database is only touched
> if there's new contents, or new configuration settings.
> What's your comments to this? Does anybody care about the repository
> database, holding all your valuable contents, being modified
> frequently with simple non-contents state information?

This behaviour doesn't bother me at all (in 10 years of using Fossil), but
if a patch for working around it is simple and non-intrusive, i would
consider it to be an interesting feature (with the caveat that it might
impact future changes).

i conceptually like the idea of the login cookie/timestamps being in a
separate db, but i'm not sure that i like it enough to justify the idea of
maintaining two files where one file is sufficient. That wouldn't really
impact me much, as i keep all of my hosted .fsl files in one directory, but
for a hoster like chisselapp, where each repo is (probably) in its own
directory, it doubles the number of fossil-related files. One _potential_
problem i see, but it's largely hypothetical, is that the login cookie db
could become a point of locking contention if is used together with many
very active .fsl files. That is probably only possible if several of those
repos are _extremely_ active, though.

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