It's long bothered me that Fossil puts the password change feature on the 
"Logout" screen, and that clicking "Logout" doesn't actually log you out.  This 
is not discoverable other than by accident.

What’s brought this issue to a head for me is the new forum feature, where now 
we also have the Email Alerts link on this page as well, which also has nothing 
to do with logging out.

I propose that

    $USERNAME &mdash; <a href=".../login">Logout</a>

change to 

    <a href=".../login">$USERNAME</a>

and that this page simply be the user settings page.

I’d then like to see /login change to something more generic like /user.  If 
someone depends on the existing name as an API, a /login alias could be added, 
either in code or via the existing URL aliasing feature.

While logged out, `$USERNAME` in the second bit of HTML above can change to 
`Log In`.
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