You can customize pretty much anything without plugins if you can
determine an appropriately specific CSS selector for it.

Assuming you use any modern browser, right click the diff and click
"Inspect Element" to see the see the HTML and CSS used to display it.
With some clicking and scrolling around, you'll find that the diff
text is inside a table with class "sbsdiffcols" and that the default
style includes "font-size: xx-small".

So in mine, I changed the size by adding the following CSS to my current skin:

    table.sbsdiffcols {
      font-size: x-small;
      line-height: 1.3em;

When doing changes like this, be sure and look around to see if a rule
for that selector already exists in the CSS; if it does, modify that
one rather than making a new one. It's easier to debug your changes if
you don't have multiple rules potentially conflicting with each other.

Be sure and read this closely to learn more about changing Fossil's
web UI appearance:

On 8/3/18, Gilles <> wrote:
> Hello,
> The UI seems the easiest way to diff versions and see what changes were
> made to a file between two revisions.
> Problem is, the font size is a bit small:
> I searched the archives* with "ui font size", but didn't find much.
> Is there a way to increase font size, or should I install "Fossil Skins
> Extra" ( add-on?
> Thank you.
> *
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