By chance, just stumbled upon a curious issue: When executing 'fossil
open' for a newly created repo, if there're any existing local files
named "manifest" and "manifest.uuid"  these get deleted.
$ mkdir x
$ cd x
$ ls

$ fossil new ../x.fossil
$ touch manifest manifest.uuid
$ ls
manifest  manifest.uuid

$ fossil open ../x.fossil
project-name: <unnamed>
repository:   /home/developer/test/../x.fossil
local-root:   /home/developer/test/x/
config-db:    /home/developer/.fossil
project-code: 675a3d32b3ea9a69b6e96449c4394589ff084c7a
checkout:     fa1ef0afb6f8c4c3533b9508684527ca5603e2ca 2018-08-08 02:29:41 UTC
tags:         trunk
comment:      initial empty check-in (user: developer)
check-ins:    1

$ ls

This is applicable to both Linux and Windows.

Is this by design or that's a bug?
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