On Aug 8, 2018, at 5:49 PM, Will Parsons <varro@nodomain.invalid> wrote:
> I am
> disappointed that now I shall have to use a (expletive deleted) web
> forum to post comments...I have been using Gmane to read and post to
> both the Fossil and SQLite mailing lists.

I’ve always thought of Gmane as just another web front end for mailing list 
archives, but I now see that they allow NNTP posting.  May I then rephrase your 
complaint as “NNTP good, HTTP POST bad?”

On Gmane’s About page, we find this: "Gmane is not an unproblematic 
project…Gmane makes it much easier for spam harvesters to gather these real, 
authentic mail addresses.”  So, Gmane is part of the problems that originally 
motivated the creation of and move to Fossil forums!

> Please don't let this happen to the SQLite
> mail list also.

I believe the only question is “when,” not “whether:”


This change is happening as a result of list spam problems going back to 
October 2015 at least:


I’ve gotten such spam here at work as recently as July 11, and our corporate 
email is handled by a mail service that’s *very* aggressive about dropping such 
emails before they even get to us.  My home email server gets a lot more of it.

I remember a time when an X Window server would allow any other computer on the 
LAN to pop up a window on your computer.  There was a program that marched an 
Energizer bunny across the bottom of all computers in the lab, with no special 
permission or background program needed on each computer to allow it.  The 
program just started sending pixels to each machine in turn, and the X server 
dutifully displayed the graphics as requested.

We don’t live in that world any more.  Spammers and other malefactors took our 
civilized Internet and ruined it for the rest of us.

Expletives indeed, but that solves nothing.  Fossil forums should be an 
effective solution to this real problem, and they give many benefits to us 

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