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> Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2018 13:26:04 -0500
> From: Artur Shepilko <nomadb...@gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [fossil-users] Why no EXE+DLL like SQLite?
> > project they are working on. Then they use TortoiseSVN to (mostly) commit
> > changes to their documents, sometimes to fetch older versions. Many of
> the
> > users are now making almost daily commits, not just just when making
> > official releases of their documents.
> Thank you for sharing this.
> So the add/diff/branch/merge/pull SCM functionality is mostly
> under-utilized or even remains unused.

The users do use add when they create a new document. But don't use
branch/merge or diff features (SVN doesn't have pull).

> Basically, the commit is used as an alternative Save.

Something like that. The pay-were DMS that was previously used had a GUI
similar to TortoiseSVN, so the usage is very similar.

> For such a use-case it'd be more user-friendly if there would be some
> kind of hook into the Save/Save As action (and perhaps Open) to allow
> more transparent VCS interactions.

TortoiseSVN, as a Windows Explorer extension, goes halfway in that
Open/Save dialogs summoned by applications are able to access SVN
functions. Since the DMS worked this way as well, the users only had to
adapt to slightly different details.

Taking the further step would be nice. I don't know if/how this could be

> BTW, back in the days of OpenVMS, file versioning was supported by OS
> itself, not sure if it has seen a huge demand, other than a need to do
> 'purge' to clean up the directories. But in my experience it was
> mostly an "Undo" feature, still the versioning was fairly transparent
> to the ordinary user. VCS should be able to handle this much better if
> it could be as much transparent to the user.

I recall some discussion about adding fsuser support to Fossil so this
could be done. I don't remember if anyone actually implemented it. For MS
Windows, it might be possible to borrow code from Samba to do this.
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