Thus said Jungle Boogie on Sun, 12 Aug 2018 00:39:53 -0700:

> Just curious, how did you masquerade your address? It might still work
> on other mailing lists you're subscribed to.

I have  a script which sits  as a wrapper around  the /usr/sbin/sendmail
interface that takes care of it all for me. I have a simple ``database''
of  recipient addresses  and what  the expected  From and  Envelope From
addresses  should be  and  when the  script is  invoked,  it parses  the
mess822 headers out and rewrites them according to the rules.

In  the case  of Fossil  Users, I  have an  instruction that  causes the
Envelope From  to be  my subscriber  address found  in the  mailing list
database, and  the From to be  a timestamped email address  that expires
after 30 days.

The mailing  list permits the  message because it finds  my subscription
via the Envelope From and permits it to be delivered.

The From address  can be harvested and  will only be useful  for 30 days
which allows individuals  to respond directly to my emails  if they want
without undergoing any spam blocking.

Arguably, this script belongs in the MUA  and while I use an MUA that is
highly extensible,  I've never bothered to  take the time to  figure out
how to make it work there. :-)

If  you  look closely,  and  if  gmail  permits  it (because  it  lamely
suppresses things that it thinks are duplicate messages), you'll see two
different email  addresses based  on which  email you  receive---the one
that gets used when I send directly  to you, and the one that arrives in
the mailing list delivered email.

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