Thus said Stephan Beal on Thu, 08 Aug 2019 12:06:30 +0200:

> fossil clone 'ssh://user@domain://path/to/"directory with
> spaces"/my.fossil' my.fossil

Yes, that  works, but it's  a hack really because  the user has  to know
that  Fossil is  using /bin/sh  instead  of simply  calling exec()  with
appropriate arguments. In my opinion,  Fossil really should not be using
execl with /bin/sh here:

Instead, I think it would be preferable to do something like:

Otherwise,  Fossil will  have to  be  enhanced to  start quoting  things
shell-style so the  user doesn't have to worry about  anything more than
quoting it in his shell. In other words, what Poor Yorick did by quoting
the entire string  should have been sufficient, but what  he didn't know
was that another  level of quotes was needed because  Fossil is going to
pass  it to  another /bin/sh  interpreter will  will require  additional


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