Hello Sachin,

Maybe your caches are not cleaned after making the changes. You can do so by 
deleting every file under folder "/var/cache/fossology/" (please note, not to 
delete the directory itself).

Also, to reinstall FOSSology with changes, you can rebuild the Debian packages 
and install them as required.
For more info on package building, please visit 
https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/build.en.html#debuild .

But as Michael responded, Ubuntu 14.04 is no longer supported and thus your 
source can have missing dependencies.

With best regards,
Gaurav Mishra

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maybe it will work, ...

but just as a remark: Ubuntu is not supported anymore, neither by the Ubuntu 
Community nor by FOSSology. 

Also as suggestion: You could check your apache config 
(/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/...) to see from where apache is actually pulling 
the files to make sure you are changing the right files.

Kind regards, Michael

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    Hi Gaurav,
    Thanks for your quick reply :)
    I had installed fossology on ubuntu 14.04 from deb package so instead of 
reinstalling fossology. I'm making changes directly into the installed location 
which you mentioned  "/usr/share/fossology/www/ui/template/include" 
     but it did not work. I tried both places by adding some html code, but it 
is not reflecting on the frontend/Ui.
    Do I need to perform some extra step here please let me know.
    Also to reinstall fosslogy with latest changes can you provide me step for 
ubuntu 14.04.
    On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 8:55 AM Mishra, Gaurav <mishra.gau...@siemens.com> 
    Hello Sachin,
    You can simply update the "head.html.twig" to include the additional header 
information required or you can update your "base.html.twig" if you need more 
control over the HTML.
    Both of the files can be found in folder "src/www/ui/template/include" 
    Once the changes are done, you will need to reinstall FOSSology with latest 
    If you do not want to reinstall FOSSology, you can directly modify the same 
files at installed locations. But once you install new version of FOSSology, 
these changes will be overwritten.
    For source install "/usr/local/share/fossology/www/ui/template/include"
    For package install (.deb) "/usr/share/fossology/www/ui/template/include"
    With best regards,
    Gaurav Mishra
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    Subject: [FOSSology] Help in fossology software html change 
    I'm using fossology from a couple of months ago. Now I want to include the 
analytics part using Azure application insight for that I need to update head 
tag (Html) in our fossology environment.
    Could you please let me know how to update twig.html page and is there any 
restart required after that? sorry but I really don't know how to deploy 
twig.html page in PHP.
    Any help would be appreciated :)

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