Hello Praba,

I am not very sure what is happening here but the Copyright agent/User findings 
tab also shows Copyrights which are found on files with the same checksum in 
the server. But if the copyright agent has not ran on the upload before, the 
copyrights might not appear in Unified report and export list as well.

Can you please try to schedule the copyright agent and see if it is working 
once the agent finishes?

> Are there API commands to generate report from Export List.
We do not have any endpoint for this right now, but there is an open issue for 
the same here: https://github.com/fossology/fossology/issues/1716

With best regards,
Gaurav Mishra

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Subject: [FOSSology] Not able to generate Copyright Report from Export List Tab

Dear Group,

I am working in generating license and copyright report from Export List so I 
could have the list of files and the copyright and license for those files.
I can generate License report from Export List tab for all the components but 
cannot generate Copyright report from Export List tab even though the license 
entries are seen from Copyright agent/User findings tab.

Can you provide details?  Your inputs will be helpful.

Are there API commands to generate report from Export List.
I saw the API command to download report but I think it is for Unified Report.

Unified Report generated for that component/project also doesn't list the 

Fossology Version used: FOSSology version 3.8.0-86 (In a docker environment)




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