Hello Praba,

Glad the issue was resolved.

Coming to your questions:

  1.  For some components, some agents are missing from "Select additional 
> To improve scan times, FOSSology keeps record of which version or which agent 
> has already scanned which files. So, if you have already scanned a package by 
> copyright/nomos agent, and the scan was finished successfully, you can not 
> rescan the same upload from same scanner.
> If you install a new version of FOSSology, the scanner version changes and 
> they become available again for rescans.

  1.  Files with different copyrights appears in different row in exported file.

> This was done to help user identify the copyrights are from same file, at the 
> same time keeping the CSV format valid and simple.

> We do not have any such plans right now. However, we are open for suggestions.

  1.  How FOSSology identifies licenses?

> FOSSology currently uses 3 different agents working on 3 different methods to 
> identify licenses:

     *   Nomos: nomos identifies licenses using regex and heuristics. You can 
read more about it at https://fossology.github.io/nomos.html
     *   Monk: monk is a full text scanner, matches everything from your 
license list. Read more at https://github.com/fossology/fossology/wiki/Monk
     *   Ojo: ojo uses regex to identify SPDX license identifiers.
  1.  Files supported by FOSSology

> While uploading an archive, FOSSology supports all major open formats. You 
> can find the list of supported formats which are unpacked recursively at 
> https://fossology.github.io/ununpack.html

> Once everything is unpackaged, every file is will be scanned by all agents. 
> However, you can have an exclude list of files based on mimetypes. To set it 
> up:

     *   Goto Admin > Customize
     *   Provide the mimetypes in "Skip MimeTypes from scanning"
     *   Then while uploading a new package, tick the "Ignore SCM files" 
checkbox (point no. 4) in upload page. Or provide the "ignoreScm" flag in REST 
API request.

With best regards,
Gaurav Mishra

From: Devapraba Muthumani <dmuthum...@marvell.com>
Sent: 02 September 2020 13:48
To: Mishra, Gaurav (CT RDA SSI ISF-IN) <mishra.gau...@siemens.com>; 
Subject: RE: [FOSSology] Not able to generate Copyright Report from Export List 

Thanks Mishra for the replay.

  *   I tried to rerun by selecting the project from "upload to analyze" option 
-> Select additional analysis->"Copyright/Email/URL/Author Analysis" tab from 

Was able to get the report generated from export list tab and also could see 
the entries in Unified report.

Additional Questions

  1.  For some component/project, I couldn't see Copyright/Email/URL/Author 
Analysis" option as highlighted below though they have multiple files with 


  1.  From copyright report generated from export list tab, I see same file are 
listed in different rows for different copyright. Are there any future plan to 
group all the copyright in one row for specific file?


  1.  To identify a license, does Fossology look only for string/License name - 
example "GPL" and determines file license apart from checking license terms or 
  2.  Does Fossology scan all file extension types? Is there an option to skip 
specific file extension during scan - eg .pack(compressed jar files) etc.

[.cfg, .dat , .patch, .cpp, .a, .mk, .m4, rst. Dts ,dtsi, .s, Makefile, 
makefile.in, makefile.am, .conf, Config.in, png, html, xml, js, .txt, .bin, 
.key, crt, .hash, srl, .csr, .in, .pc, .csv..]

I will check for answer to few other questions in future mails.

From: Mishra, Gaurav 
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10:26 PM
To: Devapraba Muthumani 
Subject: [EXT] RE: [FOSSology] Not able to generate Copyright Report from 
Export List Tab

External Email
Hello Praba,

I am not very sure what is happening here but the Copyright agent/User findings 
tab also shows Copyrights which are found on files with the same checksum in 
the server. But if the copyright agent has not ran on the upload before, the 
copyrights might not appear in Unified report and export list as well.

Can you please try to schedule the copyright agent and see if it is working 
once the agent finishes?

> Are there API commands to generate report from Export List.
We do not have any endpoint for this right now, but there is an open issue for 
the same here: 

With best regards,
Gaurav Mishra

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Of Praba
Sent: 02 September 2020 06:43
To: fossol...@fossology.org<mailto:fossol...@fossology.org>
Subject: [FOSSology] Not able to generate Copyright Report from Export List Tab

Dear Group,

I am working in generating license and copyright report from Export List so I 
could have the list of files and the copyright and license for those files.
I can generate License report from Export List tab for all the components but 
cannot generate Copyright report from Export List tab even though the license 
entries are seen from Copyright agent/User findings tab.

Can you provide details?  Your inputs will be helpful.

Are there API commands to generate report from Export List.
I saw the API command to download report but I think it is for Unified Report.

Unified Report generated for that component/project also doesn't list the 

Fossology Version used: FOSSology version 3.8.0-86 (In a docker environment)




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