Hello Fossology Team,

Can you let me know if the component name identification is possible along with 
the discovered license ?


From: Prasaath Ramasamy (prasaara)
Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 3:37 PM
To: fossol...@fossology.org
Cc: Prasad Iyer (prasadiy) <prasa...@cisco.com>; Shiv Majji (smajji) 
<sma...@cisco.com>; Ted Gauthier (tedg) <t...@cisco.com>
Subject: Fossology scan result

Hello team,

I tried scanning a couple of Java source code and python source code and the 
fossology tool was able to give me a list of all licenses (like Apache, MIT 
etc..) but I am not able to find the corresponding component names (i.e. 
activation, ant, apache-commons-logging etc...). Is there a way in the 
fossology tool to get component names ?


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