Thanks Michael, I will check those links. My use case is to have a scanner to 
scan source code (from diff technologies like java, python, ruby etc) and also 
ISO images and give the license and component details. 


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please note there are more open source tools out there, for example for 
component analysis:

* SW360 Antenna:
* And the tools from the ACT Initiative:
* it depends a little on for which technology you re trying to identify the 
components from.

As for snippet scanning, I there're maybe open source attempts to tackle it, 
but could you describe maybe the use case that you have? It sounds like you 
would like to have one tool that does all the three things at once? (license 
scnaning, snippet scanning, SCA)

Kind regards, Michael

> On 21. Sep 2020, at 12:23, Anupam Ghosh <> wrote:
> Hello Prasaath,
> Fossology is mainly design to scan licenses/copyrights information 
> from your package, so, Fossology does not look into code-snippets or 
> dependencies inside source package.
> For code-snippet identification or dependency identification you have to use 
> a third party software.
> With regards,
> Anupam
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> Subject: Re: [FOSSology] Fossology scan result
> Hello Fossology Team,
> Can you let me know if the component name identification is possible along 
> with the discovered license ?
> -Prasaath
> From: Prasaath Ramasamy (prasaara)
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> Subject: Fossology scan result
> Hello team,
> I tried scanning a couple of Java source code and python source code and the 
> fossology tool was able to give me a list of all licenses (like Apache, MIT 
> etc..) but I am not able to find the corresponding component names (i.e. 
> activation, ant, apache-commons-logging etc…). Is there a way in the 
> fossology tool to get component names ?
> -Prasaath

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